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Sora no Hikari [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Sora no Hikari -- Light of the Sky (Naruto RP)

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Thread [Mar. 21st, 2007|12:27 pm]
Sora no Hikari -- Light of the Sky (Naruto RP)
Joining: It's not likely that anyone but Sasuke, Kabuto, and Orochimaru could be in this thread, but I can see Akatsuki members/others with good reasons here as well.
Setting: Nondescript hideout.
Details: Shippuuden, before Asuma's death.
Possible Rating: PG-13 for possible violence, mentions of gore, and language.

Kabuto doesn't keep a diary.Collapse )
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Taking/Dropping a Character [Oct. 28th, 2010|07:00 pm]
Sora no Hikari -- Light of the Sky (Naruto RP)


Before you comment, check out the userinfo!

Let's make the form fairly simple. To take a character, simply fill this out and post it in a comment. You will be considered and added as a member once confirmed. Please use as best grammar and spelling as you possibly can so we can tell you can actually roleplay your character.

Name/Nickname: Yours, of course

Contact Information: AIM, MSN, YIM. If you don't have IM, that's fine. Just list your e-mail. We'll eventually use your character's AIM anyway.

Character Applying For: FULL name of the character

Why?: Are you a big fan? Have you always wanted to RP him/her?

Describe your character's personality in a summary: Just to make sure Sasuke isn't going to end up being happy-go-lucky and Kakashi actually arrives EARLY to a mission...(It doesn't have to be OMGWTFBBQ perfect, either. It's a summary. Make it at least a paragraph.)

Sample RP: :D Do your best!

If you have no experience in RPing whatsoever, tell us. It's not terribly hard to learn as long as you can write at a pretty standard level. Also, it's very important to know your character really well. That helps TONS in thinking up a response.

This needs more members, so don't be shy! If you feel up to it, consider joining!


You may now reserve a character if you don't have time to fill out the form, but wish to snatch a character before it's taken from you. You will have a week to come back and fill out a form. If you can't do it by then, let me know and we'll work out an extension.  People reserving will be listed underneath this with the character they've reserved and their due date for the form. Hope this helps!

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LJ account and AIM for your character [Feb. 28th, 2007|06:20 pm]
Sora no Hikari -- Light of the Sky (Naruto RP)


Post them here and it will be added to the profile!
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