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**NOTICE** For Those Who Are Less Active But Still Want To Keep Their Characters - Sora no Hikari [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Sora no Hikari -- Light of the Sky (Naruto RP)

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**NOTICE** For Those Who Are Less Active But Still Want To Keep Their Characters [Jun. 22nd, 2007|09:13 pm]
Sora no Hikari -- Light of the Sky (Naruto RP)



Hey there! Hanabi-mun here. Just posting up a notice that non-active members should be sure to check if they can!

I know Real Life gets in the way a LOT, and many members may still want to roleplay their characters once they have more free time, but action has been pretty slow around here because some of our most needed characters are taken by members who haven't been very active. To add to that, people have been wanting to claim those characters, but can't because they've already been claimed.

So, this is just a friendly reminder to try and be active! It's the summer time, so people with school dilemmas might be able to participate more. I'll also be e-mailing those who haven't been on much, in case some don't visit the comm but do check their e-mail.

Please comment here by July 6th, 12:00 AM CST posting that you still want to keep your character! You'll have to be active, too, or there won't be a point.

After that day, any character not kept by their previous roleplayer is up for grabs! Please let me, Hinata-mun, or Anko-mun know if you need an extension to post because of some reason!

Thanks for reading! We hope those who wish to claim these characters if they turn out to be available will have fun with our crew! :3

Your kickass kunoichi mod,


From: ephemeral_artx
2007-06-28 03:29 pm (UTC)
I'm still here! Once this week is over, I'll be more active - between work and orientation I've been all over the place lately. But Deidara is still here! ^-^
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