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Joining: Anyone who cares to do so. This is mainly to get things… - Sora no Hikari [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Sora no Hikari -- Light of the Sky (Naruto RP)

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[Mar. 25th, 2007|10:42 am]
Sora no Hikari -- Light of the Sky (Naruto RP)
[Current Mood |apatheticNothing]

Joining: Anyone who cares to do so. This is mainly to get things going.
Setting: Konoha Village, just outside the Hokage building.
Details: Shikamaru looks for his sensei, but gets distracted by the clouds.
Warnings: None.

Shikamaru let his body lead himself out of the Hokage's office.  The morning was still early,  the village slowly coming to life for a new day.  As he stepped out onto the street, the sun shone brightly on his face, warm and inviting, and he stopped there.  Hands in his pockets, Chunin vest wrinkled and disheveled,  Shikamaru let his head fall back  to stare at the sky.  The clouds seemed to speed up as he stood there, shaping and forming new images in the white masses just for him. He could stand there all day, letting all the bustling life pass him by on the street without a care. Yes, he could do that.

Without a warning, a man walking by dropped his jar with a crash. Shikamaru's head snapped up painfully, and he blinked a couple times to be able to see adequately. It then hit him. Twentieth Legion, Akatsuki, Asuma sensei, Tsunade sama. Rubbing his eyes with one hand, he let all of the memories flow through like a stream, each one hitting him painfully in the head. The Godaime Hokage had dismissed him after informing him of his new mission; he was to join the so called 20th Legion in pursuit of the Akatsuki, who had been seen causing trouble not to far from here. Apparently his sensei, the leader of what used to be Team Ten, was already a part of it, and had been for some time.

With far too much effort, the Nara trudged forward towards nothing in particular. Hadn't it been only an hour ago that he was a teacher at the Academy? Nothing spectacular or important, but enough for him. And now he was walking off into what promised to be something dangerous, violent, and no doubt troublesome at the say-so of a bat crazy, lazy, old woman.  Shikamaru shook his head dully, wondering what was wrong with him. In any case, he ought to find Asuma and inquire as to what exactly he was supposed to be doing as a part of this group before he was plagued with some other nuisance...

But the sky. Shikamaru stopped in the training field, the sounds of sparring and kids the only disruption to the peace of the area. Only a moment or two wouldn't matter, he thought, letting his knees buckle and fall to the soft ground. The grass was still wet with the morning dew, but he dropped onto it, glaring up at the sky. The clouds were the one thing that he could always count on.

[OC: Feel free to join, guys. We should get this going!]

From: floral_nin
2007-04-13 09:57 pm (UTC)
"She managed to twist her ankle," Shikamaru had said to her. That was all Ino really needed to hear.

Medical instinct kicked in as Ino moved around her teammate like silk, sliding past his shoulder and gliding to her knees before the Hyuga heiress. She looked u at Hinata and noticed the perpetual blush on her cheeks had not diminished, and sighed inwardly. The girl just wouldn't change, would she?

Removing herself from her gossipy thoughts she returned to the task at hand, reaching out and touching Hinata's swollen ankle. The slight gasp of pain told Ino that was probably twisted or worse.

That was when the twisted grin came onto her face. She had really been waiting for an excuse to show off her medical prowess, and what better way to start than with a mere twisted ankle. Clapping her hands together she gave the pale-eyed girl a confident wink.

"Just relax," Ino breathed. "It'll be okay in just a moment."

The blonde's palm began to glow blue as she focused the chakra into her medical ninjutsu, reaching out and clamping her hand around Hinata's ankle. The technique slowly worked its magic, repairing the damage that had been done and even reducing the swelling. Ino stood up and beamed proudly, her teeth aglow as she smiled broadly.

"So how's that?" she asked.
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