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Joining: Closed to Shikamaru. Setting: Shinobi-only bar somewhere… - Sora no Hikari [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Sora no Hikari -- Light of the Sky (Naruto RP)

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[Jul. 11th, 2007|09:13 am]
Sora no Hikari -- Light of the Sky (Naruto RP)


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Joining: Closed to Shikamaru.
Setting: Shinobi-only bar somewhere in Konoha. Not a truly respectable place.
Details: Neji goes out after his latest mission in the hopes of getting as drunk as possible. After the time-skip, probably sometime after Asuma's death.
Possible Rating: R, PG13? Could change.
Warnings: A drunk Neji, swearing, possibly violence.


Once upon a more prosperous time, the small bar had laid claim to a name and a sign above the entrance on which to print it. Back then it had been “The Wren”, and had been a classy place, with waitresses who wore relatively modest outfits, served decent food, and booze of a relatively good quality.

However, prosperous times hadn’t stayed for long after the Kyuubi attacked, and from the looks of things, wouldn’t be returning anytime soon. The sign above the doorway had long-since fallen down, and so had the quality of the food, so much so anyone with any sanity at all refrained from ordering any.

The booze wasn’t good either, but it was strong, and that was all Neji cared about. He sat at a table at the back, eyes closed, and forehead resting on the dirty tabletop. The shards of an empty bottle lay on the floor by his feet where he had dropped it. A second was clenched in his right hand.

For the pale-eyed jounin, the limit to exactly how much alcohol he could down without passing out cold was two bottles. But he had given instructions to the bartender, and because he was a Jounin, he expected them to be followed.

“Keep it coming until I pass out, and then I want one waiting when I wake up.”

The bar formally known as the Wren catered solely to shinobi, and most shinobi who came wanted to forget something. The booze served its purpose, even if it didn’t taste good.


From: that_nara_kid
2007-07-17 06:26 pm (UTC)
Shikamaru wasn't exactly a fool. While Neji may have sounded okay, he certainly didn't look it. Still, everything Shikamaru could think of to say or do towards a productive end, only resulted in making things worse. And to be truthful, pathetic as it was, and comrades though they may be, it wasn't much of his concern if this is what Neji wanted to do with his life. And who knew-- no amount of genius could actually predict the future. For all the chuunin knew, something amazing could happen, out of the blue, to turn the boy's life around. Things like that happened...right? Shikamaru resolved to at least keep an eye out, to make sure nothing too bad would befall his friend.

But that was neither the here nor the now, and something about the way Neji said that he didn't frequent the place didn't sit quite right with Shikamaru. It didn't seem very honest, but he had no basis upon which to make that claim. Oh he could have logically deduced it some how, but his aim wasn't to call anyone out.

"Ah, so, I don't suppose you could tell me what's good here then, could you?" he asked, even though he knew full well what was on the menu and nothing appealed to him what-so-ever. But even small talk had its uses, and would hopefully provide some insight as to what was really the problem. Hopefully his concern wouldn't be misconstrued, fully aware of the fact that he had never been this outgoing, but recent events had facilitated this somewhat sudden change.
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